Terms and conditions


1. PARTICIPANT/MEMBERS has read the Plans of the Company and have selected the plan as per this order, whereas members under corporate plans have been allotted the package as per your employer's instructions and or as per the eligibility criteria. The Plan once selected can be changed only at the discretion of the Company on request for individual applicants, whereas members under corporate plans have to get the approval form the respective company authorities.


2. The information disclosed in the form is true and correct to the best of Participant’s knowledge. Participant undertakes to inform you of any change in mobile no. email- id, address or other details immediately on occurring of such change. If the Participant is ‘minor’, the information shall be filled up by the father, in his absence by mother.


3. Participant understands and agrees that the Company, does not assure any accuracy of the reports which is being carried out by an independent diagnostic centers, labs, hospitals or other health service providers including doctors.


4. PARTICIPANT understand and agree that the role of the company is giving non-binding advice and it will be solely my discretion whether or not to act on the advice given by the Company.


5. The fees paid to the Company can be refundable only in case none of the services has been availed, in case if any of the services are availed then the refund will not be processed except in case of death of Participant, in which case proportionate fees would be refunded.


6. The participant will utilize the services of the health centers as directed by the Company. The appointment will be arranged by the Company or if taken by me, I will keep the Company informed about the same. PARTICIPANT understand that the appointment will be given by the health centers depending upon the availability of doctors/ no. of prior appointments/ availability of facility etc.


7. The company is not responsible for arranging the to and fro travel/ conveyance to the health centers and the Participant will have to arrange the same at his own cost.


8. The copy of Health centers report shall be collected by Participant as per the date/ time given to Participant. The report will also be placed on the web site of the company and/ or mailed to Participant on his e-mail id, with the Company.


9. The copy of each report will be retained by the Company for record purposes. The company shall not disclose the said report except as may be required to be disclosed by the law or as per order of any competent authority. Whereas for members under a corporate plan the reports may be disclosed with the concerned authorities for the future plan of treatment or for formulating and designing wellness activities for individuals or for the group.


10. The report can be used to create a database or for analytical purposes but while doing so the company shall maintain the confidentiality of the Participant.


11. In case of any dispute or complaints about the Health Centers, the same may be referred to the Company. The Company will take up such complaints and report back to the Participant but shall not be directly or indirectly responsible for any deficiency in the services rendered by the Health Centers.


12. No payments/ tips/ fees etc. shall be payable by the Participant to the Health Centers. If any such demand is made, the Participant shall immediately inform about the same to the Company.


13. Though the Company will arrange for expeditious services from the Health Centers, no assurance regarding the time which will be taken to entertain the Participant and submission of reports, is given by the Company.


14. The Company at its sole discretion may change the Health Centre nominated by the company, at the written request of the Participant.


15. The company will be providing the following value-added additional services : a. Providing a copy of the report on the e-mail; b. Forwarding the data to doctors/ hospital at the request of Participant; c. Giving password and access to the Participant to review the reports on the web site of the Company; d. Providing an independent analysis of the reports and recommendations; e. Assisting in further health services at the request of the Participant on such terms as may be agreed; f. Reminding about the periodic reports to be carried out as per Plan; g. Notice of renewal of Plan; h. Sending analysis of the Reports to Participant electronically. i. Sending out reminders for appointments, health tips, and pretest preparation instructions via SMS, mail or other electronic media which sometimes may be categorized as transactional and or could be promotional in nature. Though the Company it will be endeavour of the Company to provide above referred additional services to the best of its ability and subject to availability of resources, the Company does not assure any time line or guarantee efficiency of the above referred additional services and hence the company shall not be responsible for any deficiency in such services. The company may charge fees to avail some or all of the above-mentioned services, it is the discretion of the participants to avail the same.

16. Any dispute arising out of this arrangement shall be subject to the jurisdiction of courts at Pune only and the maximum liability of the Company arising out of any dispute or deficiency in service or otherwise shall not exceed 10% of the amount collected from Participant for such Plan. The Participant and or his heirs and successors shall not be entitled to any costs, expenses, damages, of any nature whatsoever from the Company.